As followers of Christ, we believe that acting as a change agent for youth is more than our civic duty. It is our moral obligation to provide guidance, support, friendship, and fellowship. While A4JR All for Jesus Radio is rooted in the Lord's Gospel and teachings of Christ, our services are built on our belief in humanity.

Mentoring & Counseling

We believe there is a connection between communication and a person's success. A4JR All for Jesus Radio offers personal counseling and mentoring programs that allow youth to grow, work to overcome barriers, and become effective at making decisions. Life is filled with choices; however, having a little guidance early in life makes dealing with them a lot easier.

Leadership & Education

Nothing is more important than opportunity. At A4JR All for Jesus Radio, we offer a range of youth leadership initiatives and educational programs to help children and young adults get ahead in life. From afterschool tutoring to leadership retreats throughout the year, our leadership and educational curriculum is designed to build confidence and help youth rise to the top.

Youth Ministry

Having a relationship with the Lord provides enrichment and fulfillment beyond measure. Our outreach provides bible study and prayer services that allow youth to serve themselves and their community by honoring the Lord. Our services focus more on how Scripture is relevant to life today and how it pertains to youth. Prayer services are held on Wednesday and Sunday.