Listen, and Praise  Jesus

A4JR All for Jesus Radio is a Christian radio outreach ministry with a dedicated mission and purpose - impact the world in a positive manner.  We are a self- sustained non-profit ministry commissioned in the name of Jesus.

Meditate about Hope


A4JR provides people of all ages with a sense of stability, purpose, and understanding. Please listen to Joshua Burke's broadcasts of YOUR HOPE TODAY, every day at 9:00am and 9:00pm Eastern Time


Upcoming Events


A4JR to link with 3ABN to rebroadcast BIBLE ANSWERS LIVE with Doug Batchellor.  Live Q&A about the most amazing bible truths and those things difficult to understand. Sundays 10:00pm Eastern Time


The wise is listening to A4JR streaming 24x7 from USA to the World.

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